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I always loved stories, but it was cameras that inspired me to share them


I always loved stories, but it was cameras that inspired me to share them

Everyone has a story to tell

I grew up as one of the youngest cousins in a big extended family, and holiday gatherings have always been a lively affair. At the dinner table I learned that my favorite part of the season was hearing stories be told and watching my family laugh, cry, and cry from laughing. Since then I've been dedicated to helping others tell their stories, at first with my academic pursuits, and then with my love of cameras and the magic they can create. Here's some of my personal story.

I finish high school in Arlington, VA and head to Boston, attending college studying Sociology at Northeastern University. Boston is cold, both in temperature and in folks' demeanor. I get used to the temperature.

Young photographer, Daniel Bowler, candid photo looking over shoulder to camera and smiling.

I meet my partner because of twitter and Dungeons & Dragons. We fall in love quickly, which is confusing because they live in New York, and I wanna leave the northeast.

Daniel Bowler, photographer, and partner, smile and laugh to camera in a sweet, intimate moment at a NYE event.

I come home in 2020 to finish my undergrad degree remotely. For their safety, my partner leaves New York to tag along. They encourage me to take a leap of faith and make a listing for my photography on the web.

In a soft black and white photo, photographer, Daniel Bowler, holds his partner in his arms and smiles naturally.

Fast forward a few months, and they're in love with Virginia now too. Jess is finally out of a lease in Brooklyn, so we rent an old house in Richmond. We get a Christmas tree that's Jess' first real one. I work on a masters degree while my hair gets longer and longer.

I shoot some small, masked weddings until the vaccine becomes available. I get some fun summer and fall weddings while I work my new job with the state government. Jess is able to navigate the complex healthcare requirements and schedule top surgery - and the results immediately create joy.

We have a hectic 2022, filled with illnesses, hard times, and job loss. The wedding industry keeps me afloat, and I make great friends bringing the big smiles and eye for photography to every gig. We round out the year in a house we've made our own, in a city we've fallen in love with.

I'm a lucky guy.

The pictures below are just some of the shots that captured life for me and Jess. I'd be a fool to take things for granted. In the past 3(!) years I've met the love of my life and rebuilt my life & the plans I had for it. That being said- everyone in our generation had their lives radically shifted by Covid, so I know I'm not alone in recognizing the challenges, lost opportunities, and constant concern the pandemic (that's not over!) brought with it. Like a lot of us though, Jess and I are holding our heads high as we carve out our place in the world.

Solidarity Forever,


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