Here's How I Do Things

Nobody should have to settle on their wedding day.

Market Rate

This price reflects what the market values my level of ability and experience. This, however, doesn't reflect how wealth to pay for services tends to concentrate. Here are some good questions you can ask yourself to decide if you should pay the market rate:

  • Is my family paying for the wedding / do I benefit from significant generational wealth?
  • Am I able to comfortably absorb wedding expenses without putting my livelihood at risk?
  • Is it important to me that my vendors are able to thrive, not just survive?

Sliding Scale

Sliding scale services can be hard to ask for. I especially understand why some folks would be wary of a cisgender white man promising to honor this payment practice. I can say that I've happily worked with nearly 12 clients over 3 years, and that I've provided discounts between 20-80%. Here are some good questions to ask yourself if you're thinking about whether to ask about sliding scale:

  • Would a sudden hospital or mechanic bill leave me in financially precarious position?
  • Do I struggle to keep up with rent or have to live in substandard condition to afford a roof over my head?
  • Does a friend or family member rely on me financially?
  • Would I have to cut an important vendor or significantly shrink my guest list to afford the market rate?

I Work on the Honor System

That being said, I'm a supportive ear and I am always happy to talk about sliding scale options or payment plans. What follows is a list of my market rates.

Down to Business


1-1.5 hours
One location
Two outfits
30 retouched photos
1 11x17 print

Market Rate: $600

Showers & Parties

2 Hours Minimum Coverage
Full Gallery Retouch
Download Page for Guests
Option for Livestream/Video Coverage
Option for Live Photo Booth

Market Rate: Starting at $750


2 hours of coverage
~250 delivered images
Full gallery retouch
$100 Discount on Album Design
$50 in Store Credit
Optional recording/livestream

Market Rate: Starting at $1000

Wedding Package Standard

8 hours of coverage
~1000 delivered images
Full gallery retouching
$250 Discount on Album Design
$50 Credit in Print Store

Off/In-season: $3500/4000

Wedding Package Complete

10 hours of coverage
4 hours of included 2nd shooter coverage
Additional 2nd shooter hours discount
Ceremony recording
~1500 delivered images
Full gallery retouching
$350 Discount on Album Design
$50 Credit in Print Store

Off-/In-Season: $4750/5250

Weddings by the Hour

For weddings under 4 hours
2 hour minimum coverage
20 retouched images
Additional retouching at $30/10 images or $100/50 images
$50 Credit in Print Store

Hourly Rate: $450