Critical Questions

What if I'm not photogenic?

You aren't and anyone who's said so was lying!

Any photographer will tell you that they hear this concern constantly. The important thing to remember is that you're not hiring a friend with an iPhone, you're hiring a professional. For one thing, I have the photography skills your influencer friend only wishes they had. Honestly though, the bigger difference is that I work with professional cameras that allow me to take hundreds, if not thousands of photos over the course of a shoot. This means that we'll take pictures tons of different ways, and since I'm parsing down the images before delivery, you won't have to look at pictures that are unflattering.

Do you work with LGBTQIA+ clients?


I like to cut the chase when it comes to that question. It's a shame that question is necessary, but it's definitely important. I have worked frequently with folks in the community, and I take a particular pride in images that are gender-affirming. I've even been asked to do shoots celebrating an affirming surgery. Also, I am a bisexual man and that identity is important to me, if that puts you any further at ease.


What is your Turnaround Time?

I deliver the untouched images within 24 hours, often the same day if we shoot in the morning or afternoon. Retouched photo delivery time largely depends on the size of the order and how long it takes for you to select which proofs you want edited.

How many photos do I get?

You get all of the photos I take, untouched. That being said, so that you don't have to scroll through hundreds of duplicates, I parse down to all of the unique (and attractive!) images before delivering them.
For retouching, I have you designate 10 you want retouched for free. For additional retouching, I charge a $30/10 images rate.

What if I need to reschedule?

I require a deposit (proportional to the cost of your shoot). For smaller shoots I typically do not require a new deposit unless you want to move your shoot the day of/day before. I don't require one if the move is due to inclement weather.
For large events, like full-size weddings, I do keep deposits if an event is cancelled less than one month from the date. If the date is moved in this time frame, I will only keep the deposit if the new date conflicts with a prior engagement.

Do you offer prints?

Yes! I offer prints through a shop that's integrated into your gallery. If your gallery has expired, just contact me and I will reopen it for you.

Do I own the copyright to my images?

If you would like the copyright to your images I do charge an additional fee. Marketing is important for freelance photographers, so giving up the copyright to my work is something I don't do lightly.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use Sony camera bodies because I absolutely love their speed. At any given photo shoot I'll have two cameras on a harness, one with a zoom lens and the other with a portrait lens. For video shoots, I use a gimbal (a camera stabilizer) and whichever lens is best for the situation.

Do you retouch photos?

Yes, I include some free retouching for all my shoots and charge an additional rate for further work.

Will put my photos on your website?

Not without your consent. However, depending on the size of the shoot, I will charge a small fee for this option as sharing my work is a crucial part of finding new clients.

How Do I Get My Photos?

I'll send you a link to a personalized gallery where you can download images, select your favorites, and order prints. This gallery will expire (usually after about a month), but I am always an email away if you need me to put it back up. You're best served by downloading the gallery though, and any cheap flash drive will give you the storage you need.

What if our Event runs late?

No problem! For extensions I charge a slightly increased hourly fee to account for the unplanned nature. I also give the start and end times a 15-minute grace period.

How far in advance are your books open?

Currently I am booking through 2023. I'm in Richmond for the foreseeable future, and if something takes me away from the region I will always pay for travel back in order to fulfill an obligation.

Do you shoot elopements?

Elopements are great, so I definitely shoot them! For travel, I don't charge for travel time but I do charge for expenses.

Do you charge for travel?

I only charge for expenses (like gas, mileage, hotels) and just for shoots 30+ miles from my home base.

Can you shoot even if there is bad weather?

Yes! I have equipment that allows me to weather-seal my cameras, though it may make them look a bit goofy...

Do you deliver RAW files?

Someone knows what they're talking about! Yes, I'm happy to deliver in RAW because I shoot in RAW.
If don't know what this means, it's likely that you don't want RAW files. They are extremely large (because they contain more information) and are useful for professional retouching and printmaking. I typically retouch photos in RAW and ship them as JPEGs.

Do you have a second shooter?

Not typically, and a second shooter isn't included in my base rate. I do know other photographers in the area with experience and am more than happy to get a second shooter, at an additional rate so that they are fairly compensated.

Can you shoot in dark situations?

Yes! It's all about getting creative lighting, so it's best if we talk about the lighting conditions together so that there is a plan.

Will you hike to get to a shoot location?

You bet!
I'm an avid hiker and athlete, so hikes are no sweat (sorry for the pun). For particularly long or strenuous hikes I will charge a small fee or hourly rate, but nothing remotely close to my photography rate.